Canada among lead nations in resettling refugees: UN

OTTAWA – The United Nations’ refugee agency says one in every 113 people around the world is either an asylum-seeker, internally displaced or a refugee.

The agency says by the end of last year, 65.3 million people had been forcibly displaced from their homes.

WATCH: Record number of refugees displaced in 2015

Of that about 12.4 million were newly displaced, due to ongoing persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or human rights violations that continue to plague countries around the world.

The sobering statistics were contained in the agency’s annual global trends report, released Monday to mark World Refugee Day.

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  • Afghan refugees internally displaced by war reaches 1.2 million: Amnesty International

  • 27.8M people globally internally displaced in 2015: report

    Only a fraction of those displaced find new permanent homes around the world, largely thanks to the UN’s refugee resettlement programs.

    Canada has consistently been among the lead nations in resettling refugees, with the Liberals’ Syrian program helping raise those numbers in 2015.

    But one of the factors the report also examines is how well refugees settled into their new homes – and data recorded by the UN suggested that more refugees became citizens of Canada than became citizens of any other country last year, continuing a trend from 2014, the agency said.

    UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, who has widely praised Canada’s program, said the rising number of displaced people isn’t the only concern.

    “More people are being displaced by war and persecution and that’s worrying in itself, but the factors that endanger refugees are multiplying too,” he said in a press release.

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    “At sea, a frightening number of refugees and migrants are dying each year; on land, people fleeing war are finding their way blocked by closed borders. Politics is gravitating against asylum in some countries.

    “The willingness of nations to work together not just for refugees but for the collective human interest is what’s being tested today, and it’s this spirit of unity that badly needs to prevail.”

    This fall, Canada will co-chair a special summit on the refugee crisis in New York.

As Zika looms, US health officials worry about the neighbours

HOUSTON – Saron Wyatt pointed to the secluded end of her small street in Houston’s impoverished Fifth Ward, where a mound of old tires keeps popping up.

Always a trashy nuisance, it’s now a growing danger. Tires collect water and become prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes — especially the ones that spread Zika virus disease and other tropical mosquito-borne illnesses.

Wyatt, a mother of five, doesn’t know where the tires are coming from. But she’s worried about it, and so are health officials.

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Spraying for the type of mosquito that carries Zika is not always effective, and they can breed in pools of standing water as small as a Styrofoam cup. That means vacant lots or messy yards may need to be cleaned up.

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Dr. Umair Shah, the head of Houston’s local health department, called getting the co-operation of local residents his department’s biggest issue. “It’s really about a neighbour who might have sources of breeding on their property that can impact a neighbour two or three houses down,” he said.

Experts believe the vast majority of neighbours will comply. But not all. For months now, the federal government has been urging local health officials to review local nuisance ordinances and plot how to handle property owners who are combative or can’t be found.

During a recent outbreak of dengue fever in Hawaii that involved the same mosquito that can spread Zika, health officials went to more than 500 properties to survey or spray. In 23 cases, residents refused requests to enter.

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It happened again in March, when health officials went to see a Kauai resident who was infected with Zika after travelling to an outbreak area in Latin America. Initially, the person would not allow health officials onto the rental property. But when a team returned for a follow-up visit, a family member let them in to look for mosquito breeding areas.

“For the most part, we do get good co-operation,” said Keith Kawaoka, deputy director for environmental health at Hawaii’s state health department. But sometimes co-operation only comes only after a couple of conversations.

Zika has been sweeping through Latin America and the Caribbean in recent months, and the fear is that it will get worse there and arrive in the U.S. with the onset of mosquito season this summer. Zika causes only a mild and brief illness, at worst, in most people. But it can cause fetal deaths and severe birth defects in the children of women infected during pregnancy.

After West Nile Virus, another mosquito-borne disease, hit the United States in 1999, the response was often to spray wide areas using trucks and aircraft.

But the kinds of mosquitoes that primarily spread West Nile are different from the Aedes aegypti mosquito that spreads Zika and dengue. That tropical pest likes to live very close to people, and immediately around their homes.

If someone is diagnosed with Zika and health officials determine that they were infected by a local mosquito, officials will draw a circle around their house with a radius of about 150 yards. That’s roughly half a block in many cities. An Aedes aegypti mosquito doesn’t travel farther than that during its typical three-week lifespan.

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Next, health officials or mosquito control workers will visit the properties within that circle and look for standing water where mosquitoes may be breeding, including Styrofoam cups, flower pots, and old tires. They will work with the property owner to remove them, or treat them with chemicals that kill mosquito larvae.

Some people may not want such an intrusion.

In Hawaii during its dengue outbreak, much of the resistance came from organic farmers and beekeepers wary of chemical sprays, Kawaoka said.

But there may be other cases in which a property occupant is hiding an illegal activity and doesn’t want health officials snooping around. Or, there may be people who simply don’t want anyone from the government on their land, some experts said.

“In modern America, there’s been a lot of focus on individual autonomy,” said Lawrence Gostin, a public health law expert at Georgetown University.

Health officials think health they would be able to beat back a legal challenge to government intervention because courts have long allowed the government to intrude onto private property to deal with situations that may be harmful to the public, Gostin said.

Wyatt doesn’t know where the tires on her street in Houston come from, but she doesn’t think it’s her neighbours. She considers the people on her block to be quiet people who don’t come out of their houses much but don’t appear to cause any trouble.

“They all look out for one another,” she said.

But health officials in Harris County have had mixed results trying to clear up dumping grounds and standing water.

And mosquito control staff are fielding complaints from people tired of seeing staffers walk on their property to monitor mosquito traps that officials have set up to try to detect Zika before human infection, said Martin Reyna Nava, technical operations manager for the county’s mosquito control division.

Shah and others are concerned that these kinds of trouble spots will keep popping up, at least until a local Zika case occurs in the community and makes people realize that the danger is real.

“There may be folks who say, ‘Nah, I’m not really interested in helping,’” Shah said. “That’s where the challenge comes in.”


Associated Press writers Jennifer Kay in Miami contributed to this report. Stobbe reported from Atlanta and New York.

The I Love My Garden Contest Rules



    HOW TO ENTER THE CONTEST. There is no purchase necessary to enter the Contest. There are two (2) ways to enter the Contest: (a) by submitting an Entry (as defined below); and (b) by submitting a vote (the “Vote(s)”).



To be eligible to submit an Entry for this Contest, an individual must:

be a legal resident of the province of Alberta;

be of the age of majority in his/her province or territory of residence or older at the time of entry;

be the sole owner of all right, title and interest (including copyright) in and to the Work (as defined below) submitted in connection with the Contest; and

be legally able to travel within Canada and have any and all necessary documentation as may be required for presentation to Canadian and/or International customs and airport personnel.

(b)        To be eligible to submit an entry by casting a Vote an individual must:

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Employees of Inc. its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, related companies, successors and assigns (collectively “Corus”) and the City of Calgary (together with Corus, collectively, the “Sponsors“), their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, related companies, advertising and promotional agencies, any person who has been confirmed as a winner of two (2) Corus administered contests within six (6) months preceding the Contest start date indicated below and/or the household members of any of the above are not eligible to enter.

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The Contest begins at 5:00 a.m. Mountain Time (“MT”) on Monday, June 20, 2016 and ends at 11:55 p.m. MT on Sunday, July 24, 2016 (the “Contest Period“).

Entries may be submitted beginning at 5:00 a.m. MT on Monday, June 20, 2016 and ending at 11:59 p.m. MT on Thursday, July 7, 2016 (the “Entry Period”) after which time the Entry Period will be closed and no further Entries will be accepted.

The Finalists (as defined below) selection process takes place on or about Friday, July 8 and 10:00 a.m. MT.

Online voting to determine the Grand Prize Winners on the Contest Website begins at 10:00 a.m. MT on Monday, July 11, 2016 and ends at 11:55 p.m. MT on Sunday, July 24, 2016 (the “Voting Entry Period”) after which time no further Voting Entries will be considered.


To submit a Contest Entry, visit https://globalnews长沙夜网/calgary/contest/2766811/i-love-my-garden-contest  (the “Contest Website”) and follow the instructions on how to enter the Contest via e-mail. Be sure to include in your e-mail a photo of your new (planted after January 1, 2014) or established (planted prior to January 1, 2014) garden (the “Photo”) along with a written submission (five hundred (500) words or less) telling us why your yard deserves to win (together with the Photo, collectively the “Work”). Be sure to indicate in your e-mail if you have a new or established garden. Size of Photo submitted must be 3300 x 2500 pixels.By participating in this Contest, each entrant represents and warrants that the Work: (i) does not contain any material, language or gestures that are libelous, defamatory, indecent, profane, obscene or violent and does not violate any laws relating to hate speech or otherwise; (ii) is original, solely created by the entrant and that no third party participated as an author, co-author or otherwise in the creation of the Work or any part thereof; (iii) all right, title and interest (including copyright) therein is owned and/or controlled by the entrant to the full extent necessary to enable the Sponsors to use the Work as contemplated by these Contest Rules; and (iv) the Work does not infringe upon the intellectual property right, proprietary interest or other statutory or common law rights of any third party; (v) does not contain any recognizable logos or any other copyrighted material; (vi) does not contain any mention, endorsement, or “plug” any commercial product, service, venture or thing, including, without limitation, the name of your employer; and (vii) has not been submitted in connection with any other contest and/or promotional campaign.Limit of one (1) Entry per person during the Entry Period. In the case of multiple entries, only the first eligible entry will be considered.All entries, including the Work, become the sole property of the Sponsors and will not be returned for any reason. Entries must be received no later than the end of the Entry Period. Entries will be declared invalid if they are late, illegible, incomplete, damaged, irregular, mutilated, forged, garbled or mechanically or electronically reproduced. Unless otherwise set out herein, no communication or correspondence will be exchanged with entrants except with those selected as a potential winner.



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There are two (2) grand prizes (the “Grand Prizes”) available to be won by the Grand Prize winner (the “Grand Prize Winner(s)”) each consisting of a trip for two (2) to Victoria, BC (the “Destination”) which shall include:

Round-trip economy airfare for each Grand Prize Winner and one (1) guest (the “Guest”) leaving together from the same gateway, on the same itinerary, from Calgary International Airport to the Destination;

Three (3) nights hotel accommodation to be selected by the Sponsors in their sole discretion for each Grand Prize Winner and Guest based on double occupancy unless otherwise indicated;


A gift certificate to a local greenhouse/garden centre in the amount of two hundred and fifty Canadian dollars (CDN $250.00);

Admission for two (2) to the Buchart Gardens in the Destination; and

If the Grand Prize Winner resides in Calgary, the Grand Prize will include a two (2) hour yard consultation with Kath Smyth from the Horticultural Society (subject to availability).

Each Grand Prize has an approximate value of two thousand five hundred Canadian dollars (CDN $2,500.00).

Grand Prize Winners and their Guests must be available to travel and participate in the Grand Prize between August 2, 2016 and October 31, 2016. Blackout dates may apply. All bookings are subject to availability at time of booking. Should a Grand Prize Winner and/or their Guests be unable to travel and participate on the dates and times designated by the Sponsors, the Prize will be forfeited and awarded to an alternate winner. Grand Prize Winner and Guests will be responsible for transportation to and from originating airport, travel and medical insurance, travel documentation, airport improvement fees, bag check fees, taxes, gratuities, telephone calls, in-room charges and any other expense not explicitly included in the Prize. Winner may be required to present a valid major credit card upon check-in to cover any expenses over and above the standard room charge.


Guests must be of the age of majority or older in their province or territory of residence, comply with the Contest Rules and sign and return the Release (described below).



There are two (2) voting prize (the “Voting Prize”) available to be won by the Voting Prize winners (the “Voting Prize Winners”), each consisting of a gift card to a local greenhouse/garden centre in the amount of one hundred Canadian dollars (CDN $100.00).



Grand Prizes and Voting Prizes are hereafter collectively referred to as “Prize” or “Prizes”. Grand Prize Winners and Voting Prize Winners are hereafter collectively referred to as a “Winner” or “Winners”.


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Two (2) Grand Prize Winners shall be selected as follows:

On or about July 28, 2016 in Calgary, AB, two (2) Finalists will be selected as potential Grand Prize Winners, one from the “new garden” category and one from the ‘established garden’ category based on the number of eligible Votes received during the Voting Period. Before being declared a Grand Prize Winner, the selected entrant shall be required to comply with the Contest Rules and sign and return the Release (described below).


Two (2) Voting Prize Winners shall be selected as follows:

On or about July 28, 2016 in Calgary, AB, two (2) potential Voting Prize Winners will be selected from the pool of entrants that submitted a Vote during the Voting Period. The odds of being selected as a potential Voting Prize Winner are dependent upon the number of eligible Voting Entries received by the Sponsors. Before being declared a Voting Prize Winner, the selected entrant shall be required to comply with the Contest Rules and may be required to sign and return the Release (described below).


THE ENTRANTS SELECTED AS POTENTIAL GRAND PRIZE WINNERS AND POTENTIAL VOTING PRIZE WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED BY TELEPHONE or E-MAIL NO LATER THAN JULY 28, 2016 AT 10:00 A.M. MT AND MUST RESPOND WITHIN TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS OF NOTIFICATION. Upon notification, the selected entrant must respond by telephone or e-mail (as specified in the notification) to the contact number or e-mail address provided no later than the indicated deadline set out in the Contest Rules and/or the notification. If the selected entrant does not respond accordingly, he/she will be disqualified and will not receive a Prize and another entrant may be selected in the Sponsors’ sole discretion until such time as an entrant satisfies the terms set out herein. The Sponsors are not responsible for the failure for any reason whatsoever of a selected entrant to receive notification or for the Sponsors to receive a selected entrant’s response.

If, as a result of an error relating to the entry process, drawing or any other aspect of the Contest, there are more selected entrants than contemplated in these Contest Rules, there will be a random draw amongst all eligible Prize claimants after the Contest’s closing date to award the correct number of Prizes.

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    LAW. These are the official Contest Rules. The Contest is subject to applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations. The Contest Rules are subject to change without notice in order to comply with any applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws or the policy of any other entity having jurisdiction over the Sponsors. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of the Contest Rules or the rights and obligations as between the entrant and the Sponsors in connection with the Contest shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules or provisions that would cause the application of any other jurisdiction’s laws.

    DISCREPANCY. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the terms and conditions of the Contest Rules and disclosures or other statements contained in any Contest-related materials, including but not limited to the Contest entry form, or point of sale, television, print or online advertising, the terms and conditions of the Contest Rules shall prevail, govern and control.

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LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Championship

OAKLAND, Calif. – LeBron James cradled the shiny gold trophy and struggled to sum up what might be his sweetest championship yet, the one he is so proudly bringing home to his native northeast Ohio just as he promised to do when he returned to the Cavaliers two summers ago.

Later, flanked by his three children on Father’s Day, a cigar between his lips and winning net as a necklace with the lingering stench of champagne, James began to understand the magnitude of his accomplishment for Cleveland after a half-century wait.

“I’m coming home with what I said I was going to do,” he said, adding, “I can’t wait to get off that plane, hold that trophy up and see all our fans at the terminal.”

James and his relentless, never-count-them-out Cavs pulled off an improbable NBA Finals comeback, and Cleveland is title town again at long last.

WATCH: Steph Curry says Game 7 loss hard to swallow

ChangSha Night Net

James delivered on a vow to his home state and brought the Cavs back from the brink as they became the first team to rally from a 3-1 finals deficit, beating the defending champion Golden State Warriors 93-89 on Sunday night to end a 52-year major sports championship drought in Cleveland.

“I’ve never seen a man in my life tell an entire state: ‘Get on my back, I got you. Get on my back and I’m going to carry you. I don’t care if we fail, I’m going to wake up the next morning and I’m going to start working out and prepare for the next year,”‘ Richard Jefferson said. “… He was like, ‘I’m going to come back home because I promised them that I would do something.’ And he carried us the whole way.”

In a testy series of blowouts – and a few blowups – the winner-take-all Game 7 provided the thrilling finale with James as the finals MVP disarming two-time reigning MVP Stephen Curry and his record-setting Warriors.

The native of Akron rattled off moments from the lengthy list of Cleveland sports heartbreak and said what it meant for him to personally bring the Cavaliers their first championship.

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers reacts after defeating the Golden State Warriors 93-89 in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals at ORACLE Arena on June 19, 2016 in Oakland, California.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Playing his sixth straight finals, James almost single-handedly carried the Cavs back into this series and finished with 27 points, 11 assists and 11 rebounds as the Cavs gave their city its first major sports winner since the Browns won the NFL title in 1964. He also had three blocked shots, including a key one of Andre Iguodala on a fast break in the final minutes.

An emotional James fell to the floor when this one ended with a second win in a week on Golden State’s imposing home floor, surrounded by his teammates. Only moments earlier, he went down in pain with 10.6 seconds left after being fouled by Draymond Green while going for a dunk, then came back out to make the second of two free throws.

After four successful seasons in Miami and two titles with the Heat, James came back to the Cavs in hopes of winning the title this franchise and championship-starved city so coveted. It took a second try against Golden State after Cleveland lost to the Warriors in six games last year.

“I was calm. I was focused. I was locked in,” James said.

Cleveland did it after a coaching change, with Tyronn Lue taking over in January for the fired David Blatt.

“We made history tonight,” Lue said. “Cleveland, Ohio, we’re coming back, baby!”

Kyrie Irving scored 26 points to cap his brilliant finals, including a 3-pointer over Curry with 53 seconds left.

Curry sat briefly on the bench to take in the scene after the Warriors made their last basket with 4:39 left.

“It hurts, man,” Curry said. “Just proud of every single guy that stepped foot on the floor for our team this year. … Hopefully we’ll have many more opportunities to fight for championships and be on this stage because this is what it’s all about.”

Green had 32 points, 15 rebounds and nine assists, but the Warriors’ record-setting season ended without the only prize this close-knit “Strength In Numbers” crew cared about from way back in the beginning – through the record 24-0 start as Coach of the Year Steve Kerr was out, Curry’s second consecutive MVP campaign, and the 73 regular-season wins to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ mark.

WATCH: Rowdy Cavaliers fans fill streets, destroy cop cruiser

As Cleveland celebrated in the trophy ceremony, Green returned to the floor to congratulate the Cavs. He stopped by the winning locker room, too, and Warriors general manager Bob Myers brought in the freshly cut nets.

Golden State might always be remembered as one of the best teams ever that couldn’t close it out, and Green is taking at least a good share of the blame after he sat out Game 5 on Monday night suspended for flagrant fouls.

The Cavs staved off elimination twice to force Game 7 back at Oracle Arena, where the Warriors went up 2-0 with a pair of lopsided wins to start this series.

Cleveland became just the fourth team to win an NBA Finals Game 7 on the road.

Curry – who said beforehand he needed the best game of his career – scored 17 points on 6-for-19 shooting, while Splash Brother Klay Thompson added 14 points while making 6 of 17 shots.

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“I didn’t do enough to help my team win,” Curry said. “It will haunt me for a while.”

President Barack Obama, an avid basketball fan, returned to Washington aboard Air Force One late Sunday as the game entered its final, tense minutes. He watched until the end and did not come down the stairs until moments after the Cavs won.

This time, it will be Cleveland hosting the victory parade on Wednesday. A year ago at home, the Cavs had to watch Golden State win its first title in 40 years.

“Now we have our own parade,” Irving said, “and we’ll celebrate it the way it’s supposed to be celebrated in Cleveland.”


Cavaliers: James missed scoring at least 30 points for the first time in his last five Game 7s. … The Warriors and Cavs faced off in their 13th finals game in two seasons, matching the highest total in NBA history over a two-year span.

Warriors: Golden State played the first finals Game 7 in franchise history. … Not since the Oakland Athletics won the World Series in 1974 has a Bay Area team won a championship at its home venue.


Associated Press writer Darlene Superville in Washington contributed to this report.

Clashes between police, teachers leave 4 dead in Mexico

OAXACA, Mexico – Violent clashes between police and unionized teachers who were blockading roads and burning vehicles in southern Mexico left at least four people dead on Sunday, according to union and state officials.

The teachers from the radical National Coordinator of Education Workers, or CNTE, are opposed to the mandatory testing of teachers as part of Mexico’s education reform and are also protesting the arrest of union leaders on money laundering and other charges.

ChangSha Night Net

Sunday’s clashes in several municipalities in Oaxaca state involved federal and state police. Associated Press journalists saw riot police firing on protesters in Nochixtlan, where officials said the protests were strongest.

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Isabel Garcia, a member of the CNTE’s political commission, said three people supporting the protests were killed. She provided no further details.

And a state official, who was not authorized to speak to the press and requested anonymity, said a state police officer was killed.

Mexico’s federal government released a statement Sunday evening that made no reference to the number of people killed, but said that 21 federal agents had been wounded, three of them by gunfire. It said the federal police that participated in the operation were not carrying guns.

“The attacks with guns came from people outside the blockades who fired on the population and federal police,” it said.

Footage filmed by The AP shows at least one police officer firing a gun several times, though it was unclear if he was a federal or state agent.

Clashes also lasted hours in the municipality of San Pablo Huitzo, north of the state capital. And clashes were continuing Sunday evening outside Oaxaca city itself, where protesters burned federal police installations.

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Over the past week, unionized teachers have blockaded streets, a shopping mall and even train tracks in the western state of Michoacan. They have also forced some bus lines to cancel trips to Oaxaca, which is a popular tourist destination, and blocked a highway on the isthmus of Tehuantepec. And in Oaxaca city, protesting teachers have set up an encampment in the city’s main square.

Federal prosecutors accuse union leaders of setting up an illegal financial network to fund protests and line their own pockets. They allege the scheme operated in 2013-2015, when the union effectively controlled the payroll of Oaxaca’s teachers.

Following the arrest of some if its top leaders, the union called for a revolt against Mexico’s government.

Ten years ago, the teachers started a six-month takeover of Oaxaca that didn’t end until police stormed the barricades.